Food with Friends

Co-founder, designer, and developer


Responsible for: multi-threading, algorithms, maps and texting api, user data storage, user management, product ideas, Xcode certificates, UI, logo, design, dividing work


App Store

(screenshots available depending on device)


Paper for Graduate Level Robotics Seminar



Coded an agent in Minecraft using reinforcement learning and emotion detection implemented via computer vision (OpenCV)






A deep convolutional generative adversarial network (DCGAN) created for a deep learning graduate seminar. The neural network completes faces with up to 80% of the pixels missing.

LeopardBoy Spaceman

Project Lead


Winner of the Kalundborg Game Jam 2017. A simple game with a grappling hook mechanic. Made in Unity in 30 hours minus sleep.


Please play in full screen!

link: LeopardBoy Spaceman