I'm a senior at Brown University studying computer science looking for an internship. (Hoping to be in San Francisco, but also open to other locations in the United States and Europe!)


My primary interest is machine learning:

I took a graduate seminar in robotics, in which I co-authored a paper on reinforcement learning (RL) using emotion detection, implemented via OpenCV. I've dabbled in natural language processing (I've coded a noisy channel model machine translator among other things). I completed a graduate seminar on deep learning, in which I built a DCGAN that can reconstruct images of faces with up to 80% of the pixels missing. (I am currently a teaching assistant for that course.) And I just finished an internship at Adobe, designing neural nets to forecast marketing data. Currently, I am taking a graduate RL seminar.


I also have experience building mobile applications for iOS:

Last summer I co-founded Food with Friends (currently on the app store and written in Swift). And I've built several games in Objective-C.


I also know quite a bit about systems and algorithms. And I'm interested in game design and cryptography.


When a problem grabs me, I cannot stop thinking about it until it is solved. My goal is to work on challenging problems with smart people. Please see projects for a sample of my work!

Jacob Beck

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