I just graduated from Brown University where I studied machine learning and decision making. I'm currently taking a gap year before grad school, and I'm looking to fill it with more internships!


In school, I took a lot of graduate-level seminars focusing on ML, was a TA for deep learning, and conducted research with the self-driving car lab. Some of my academic projects include: an RL agent that learns skills in Minecraft using emotion detection as feedback, a GAN that can reconstruct images of faces with up to 80% of the pixels missing, and a state-of-the-art actor-critic network to play Atari games using RL. As a TA for the first iteration of Brown's graduate-level deep learning course, I designed a lab and gave a guest lecture on implementing sequence-to-sequence machine translation. For research, I've authored a paper on a biologically inspired RNN, and I've done work on imitation learning, multi-agent game theory, and deep RL with Michael Littman's self-driving car lab.


In industry, I've interned at Adobe and Lyft, in addition to several smaller companies. At Adobe I designed neural nets to forecast marketing data. At Lyft I designed a framework for solving sequential decision making problems with MDP's, including writing a special case solver for an MDP specific to autonomous vehicles at stop intersections. In addition, I worked at  a robotics startup on both software and hardware, co-founded Food with Friends (on the app store and written in Swift), and am currently working at DeepScale doing perception for autonomous vehicles.


Currently, I'm interested in applying my skills toward research, autonomous vehicles, and healthcare, but I'm really open to any area where I can work on important, challenging problems with smart people. When a problem grabs me, I can't stop thinking about it until it's solved. Please see projects or GitHub for a sample of my work!

Jacob Beck

Email: JakeABeck@gmail.com